Les persones del Cercle

The Cercle’s assets are its people. Those who over the decades, have committed to the institution. It is these people who form the legacy that each generation seeks to enrich, and yield to those that follow. The Cercle is the result of its partners, its managers, its speakers, its employees and its friends. Of people who feel it as their own, who commit to enjoy it and preserve it. To keep alive that open spirit and inform its raison d’être. The encounter between people of professional orientations and diverse political sensibilities. An entity that since the 1950s, is renewed every three years. Those who approach the Cercle for the first time often wonder who is responsible for leading the institution. The answer is the best definition of the Cercle: it has lead to a culture that has permeated the institution and that, naturally, we all make ours.

The transverse profile of the members is the best example of this. They share the objective of making the institution a space where debate, dialogue and opinion are placed at the service of the general interest of society, of the common good, beyond the legitimate and specific interests of each professional or political group. Currently, the Cercle is composed of approximately 1,250 members. The vast majority of them residing in Barcelona and Catalonia in general, with a significant number also residing in Madrid.

If you would like to become a member of the Cercle d’Economia, please contact us by email: secretaria@cercledeconomia.com

You can also call us on: 93 200 81 66