In addition to place of meeting and dialogue, the Cercle is defined as a centre of opinion formation. The objective of the ‘Opinion’ of the Cercle is to contribute to the improvement and quality of public debate, and to the development of the political agenda on the most important issues that affect the economic, social and political progress of our country in every moment.
The most regular way in which the Cercle exercises that participation in the process of public opinion formation, is through its statements titled “Current Opinions”. Prepared by the Board of Directors, they include the concerns and proposals expressed by the members at the various conferences, meetings and activities of the institution. Its content seeks to transcend individual business and professional interests and the different political sensitivities of the partners, instead, reaching shared positions regarding issues of particular complexity and importance.

Hence, the various "Opinions of the Cercle" are perceived by public opinion, and public and private figures as contributions made from independence and plurality. They constitute a reflection of the institution’s position on some of the most relevant problems and challenges in the political, social and economic history of our country since the middle of the last century.

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