Opinion note. In defense of dialogue and the Self Government of Catalonia

The Cercle d'Economia, since the beginning of the so-called “process”, has been committed to, and in favor of a political solution based on dialogue, always within the law and in defense of the self-government of Catalonia.

Today, after the ruling issued by the Supreme Court, we want to share the following considerations:

The Cercle expresses its respect for the decision of justice, as it cannot otherwise be in a state based on the rule of law. Likewise, the Cercle does not want to abstract itself from the emotional burden and suffering, that the deprivation of liberty entails for the persons tried and their families.

In addition, we consider the ruling as the turning point from which politics must assume its irreplaceable role in the recovery of the crisis. This new period will require the commitment of everyone to agree on a proposal that, far from maximalist positions, brings together the majority of citizens who believe in moderation and understanding. It is time, then, to restart the institutional dialogue with the will to protect, dignify and reinforce the self-government of the Generalitat.

A dialogue with respect for legality, ideology and political plurality. A dialogue that often causes disdain, sometimes equidistant and reviled by rhetoric, but that, precisely today, is more necessary than ever.

The Cercle calls for serenity. Respecting the right to demonstrate with full freedom of expression, rights set forth in the Constitution, the Cercle will always be against positions that promote disobedience or paralysis of economic activity. But we also appeal to abandon positions that invite the blockade, polarisation or application of measures that limit the self-government of Catalonia, whose defense will always be a priority for the Cercle.

We address both the political representatives and society as a whole in order that we develop and make known concrete approaches that help to rise from the dynamic in which we are immersed. Repeatedly, the Cercle has stated that the adaptibility between Catalonia and the rest of Spain must be addressed with courage, generosity and the willingness to reach an agreement. It is in this direction that we reassert ourselves in the Current Opinion that we made released in May 2018, “Proposals to modify the self-government of Catalonia and the functioning of the state territorial model”. Far from believing that it is the best of proposals, what we intend to show is that there are alternatives.

Despite the serious time we live in our country - serious and sad - we appeal to work around collective projects for the benefit of a more competitive and cohesive society, more just and more open. In this sense, the Cercle, following the line drawn since 1958, will continue working to offer proposals that help improve our society in the social, economic and political spheres.

In defense of dialogue and the Self Government of Catalonia

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