Collaborating entities

The Cercle d'Economia was declared a Public Utility Association in 2018, for having consolidated a space where debate, dialogue and opinion are put at the service of the general interest and the common good, beyond the legitimate and specific interests of each professional or political collective. The Cercle's independence from sectoral or political interests of all types has been maintained since its foundation, thanks to two relevant facts. One, the spirit of free thought and opinion rooted in the institution which has manifested itself in circumstances which haven’t always been easy. Another, in the fact that its financing is supported exclusively by the contributions of its partners and collaborating entities. The figure for the collaborating entity was created at the beginning of the 1980s to finance the growing activity of the Cercle without breaking the tradition of maintaining moderate membership fees. Thus, these entities, of diverse personality and dimension and representative of the various sectors of our economy, collaborate with the financing of the Cercle and facilitate its operation. Currently, more than 100 collaborating entities associate their values ​​with the founding principles of the Cercle, sharing the challenges that condition the economic, social and political progress of the world today. For more information about collaboration with the Cercle d'Economia, please contact us by email: You can also call us on: 93 200 81 66
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