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Annual Meeting

The Circle of Economy Meetings (RCE), called Costa Brava Meetings until their XVII edition, constitute the Circle's most publicly relevant activity. They are the oldest of those held in Spain.

Its first edition dates back to 1961. This meeting was a unique event in the circumstances of the political and economic life of those years. It brought together members of the Circle and young academics and technicians from the senior administration of the State who, later, with the advent of democracy, would occupy high political responsibilities. Since then, they have been held regularly, now on an annual basis. A comprehensive view of the content and attendees of the meetings is a good reflection of the social and political development and the economic modernization of Spain, as well as the concerns of the Circle at each moment. Thus, the first editions show the Circle's commitment to fostering the modernization of the economy and the approach to the then recently created European Economic Community, now European Union. With our incorporation in 1986, the content of the debates has been including the major issues of European integration and a global economy that has been transforming in parallel with the emergence of new phenomena such as globalization and new technologies. Circumstances have radically changed since 1961, but the Circle of Economy Meetings continue to be characterized by their relaxed atmosphere, the quality of the speakers, and the active participation of the attending members. All this makes each Meeting a unique space for meeting, debate, and proposals on the most important problems and challenges of each moment.

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