Former President of the Cercle d'Economia (1972-1975)

Joan Mas Cantí

Former Chairman of Calitax
Joan Mas Cantí was the founder of the Cercle d'Economia and continues to participate actively in the institution today. He assumed the role as president from 1972 to 1975 and vice president on various Boards of Directors. He was appointed Commissioner of the Olympic Games of Barcelona in June 1983, a position he held until the moment he was able to win the city's bid for the Olympic Games in 1986. He has been an entrepreneur in the textile and chemical sector. He also participated in the foundation of the Bank of Europe and has promoted numerous citizen, public and private initiatives, among them the fusion of the Chamber of Commerce and the Barcelona Chamber of Industry and Navigation. He has played a decisive role in the creation and maintenance of the Information and Documentation Committee of Catalonia (CIDOC) and also in the Spanish Foundation Calitax, dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of quality. He was the founder and first president of the political party Centre Catalá, vice president of Futbol Club Barcelona and member of the Board of Directors of Fomento del Trabajo Nacional. Joan Mas Cantí was the founder of the Aula de Barcelona school, an organization that granted him the gold medal of the institution, he received the Order of Civil Merit (Gran Cruz del Mérito Civil,) and the Cruz de Sant Jordi, one of the highest civil distinctions.

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