Member of the Board of Directors

Laura Urquizu

Partner and CEO of Red Points

Laura Urquizu has been Partner and CEO of Red Points since 2014. During these five years, she has pivoted the company model, transforming it into an SaaS which operates globally throughout the world. With its vision, the firm has taken its business model towards the global protection of internet distribution of any type of company, including piracy and counterfeiting, gray market and other infractions. Under her leadership, the company has increased its sales exponentially, in addition to raising several rounds of financing with some of the most relevant capital funds in the world, such as Mangrove, Northzone, Eight Roads and Summit Partners. Previously, Laura Urquizu held executive and management positions at Arthur Andersen, Caja Navarra and CAN Corporation. Subsequently, she was an advisor in numerous Boards of Directors of European technology start-ups and advised several investment groups in technology companies. In August 2018, Red Points was named among "the most popular emerging companies in Europe," by Wired magazine. In addition, in 2018, Laura Urquizu was ranked among the “50 most influential women entrepreneurs and investors in the European technology industry”, for EU-Startups. She also recently appeared on the cover of the European CEO magazine and has been named by AED, best CEO of Spain in the startup category.

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