Member of the Board of Directors

Alfonso Rodés

Chairman of Havas Media Group and Havas Group Spain

Before joining Havas, Alfonso Rodés developed his professional career in the banking sector for more than 15 years. His  career within the Havas Media team began more than 20 years ago, specifically in 1996, when he was appointed General Director of Corporate Development of MPG. At that stage, MPG had a presence in Spain, Portugal and Mexico. In 2001, the group already operated in more than 13 markets. That year, he was appointed CEO of MPG in Spain and Southern Europe. In 2006, Alfonso Rodés was appointed CEO of Havas Media Group, the global media network of Havas. With more than 8,000 employees and with more than 1,000 international clients, including Danone, Orange, Grupo Carso, Hyundai-Kia, Reckitt Benckiser, Sears, Michelin, Swarovski, Philips, Telefónica, LG Electronics and Emirates. In March 2011, in addition to being CEO of Havas Media Group, Alfonso Rodés was appointed Deputy CEO of Havas. And in 2016, he was appointed Chairman of Havas Group Spain. In November 2017, he was appointed Chairman of Havas Media Group. Alfonso Rodés is also an advisor to different companies, foundations and NGOs from many different fields.

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