Member of the Board of Directors 2019/2020

Nuria Puig Brandes

Head of Foreign Affairs and Academic Programs at the Olympic Studies Centre - The International Olympic Committee
Nuria Puig Brandes holds a degree in Physical Education from the Instituto Nacional de Educación Física (INEF) de Cataluña. She began her professional career at SEAE, a sports facilities management and sports advisory cooperative. In 1989 she joined the organising committee of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, as an assistant to the Department Director of Sports Logistics, one of the two departments for the General Management of Sports. After having worked for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Barcelona she began working for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In the IOC she has developed several functions, fundamentally linked to the Center for Olympic Studies, which is part of the Foundation for Olympic Culture and Heritage. In 2004, she was the Coordinator of the Summer Olympics in the IOC Department of Olympic Games, and participated in the follow-up of the final preparations for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and the work of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games organisation committee. Her current role involves the collaboration between the university world and the IOC and for the promotion and coordination of international academic research on Olympic issues. She is a member of several academic committees that promote dialogue between university students and professionals in the sports world.

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