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Camino Quiroga


Camino Quiroga holds a degree in Law, and a degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE.) She has been a notary for 24 years, and entered the body by sitting for the official examination, assuming a position in the small town of San Sadurniño (Ferrol). Just a year later, she moved as a notary to Madrid, where she was practicing and where she proceeded to once again, pass restricted examinations of the Notaries body that assigned her First Class place. In 2001, she decided to transfer her notary office from Madrid to Begur. Since February 2015, she has been a notary in the city of Barcelona, ​​where she carries out intense professional and social work. In addition to leading the notary “Diagonal 490”, together with her partner Ramón García-Torrent, Camino Quiroga is a professor of Human Rights at the International University of Catalonia. This teaching facet is completed not only as a professor, but as a tutor of Law Graduates for Notary examinations. She collaborates with various foundations, such as “Fundación Quiero Trabajo ", "Fundació Lluita contra la SIDA", or the "Fundació Ágata". She is a tireless promoter and member of various work groups linked to women, with the mission of working for their empowerment and social recognition. Together with her partner, she leads a new notary format, as well as professional, more personal, more international, and more modern and efficient.

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