Video of the session: «Situation of the energy sector»

5th May 2023

In this event organized by the Fundación Naturgy and the Cercle d'Economia, the situation of the energy sector in the complex international situation we are experiencing was addressed with a special focus on Europe and Spain.

We had the participation of Lara Lázaro Touza, principal researcher at the Real Instituto Elcano and professor of Economic Theory at the Cardinal Cisneros Higher Education Center (affiliated to the Complutense University of Madrid), who contributed her vision on the geopolitics of the climate action for the energy and social transition.

At the European level, Christopher Jones, professor at the School of Regulation in Florence and former Director of Energy at the European Commission, presented the situation of the energy sector in Europe, talking about responses to the crisis and the search for energy independence and competitiveness.

As for the national level, Álvaro Nadal, chief economic and commercial advisor at the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in London and former Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda of Spain, addressed the energy policies in Spain.

We also had the participation of Antoni Castells, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Barcelona and former Minister of Economy and Finance of the Generalitat de Catalunya, who presented the energy crisis in a context of structural changes.

Afterwards, the debate moderated by Núria Mas, professor of Economics at IESE and member of the Board of Directors of the Cercle d’Economy.

The session was closed by Rafael Villaseca, president of Fundación Naturgy, and Jaume Guardiola, president of the Cercle d'Economia. At the end of the event, Natàlia Mas, Minister of Economy and Finance, attended, who made a speech.

Lo que nos dice la ciencia en el momento actual es que si queremos limitar el aumento de las temperaturas tendríamos que reducir nuestras emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero. [...] El reto al que nos enfrentamos es inmenso.

Lara Lázaro Touza
Lara Lázaro Touza

The perfect energy policy is a triangle: sustanability, security and renewables. [...] We’re about to hit a difficult barrier in terms of climate change.

Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones

During his speech, Álvaro Nadal, chief economic and commercial adviser at the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in London, contrasted with data that Spain does not reach 1% of global emissions.

Álvaro Nadal, at the lectern. Núria Mas, Christopher Jones, Antoni Castells and Lara Lázaro, in armchairs.

La guerra de Ucrania ha puesto en evidencia que la dependencia energética es un gran problema.

Antoni Castells
Antoni Castells

Closing of the act

Jaume Guardiola, Natàlia Mas and Rafael Villaseca