# 2021RCE: The Great Reconstruction

The pandemic, in addition to the devastating effects on the lives of many people, has shaken the international order, accelerated the digitalization of the productive fabric and brought to light latent tensions, both socially and institutionally. It has also made us aware of the threat posed by climate change and the need to decisively promote innovation in order to fight it with ambitious proposals that improve the growth prospects for the population as a whole.

New challenges have emerged on all fronts that make economic transformation inevitable. New opportunities are opening up, but they cannot be carried out at any cost: social inclusion and environmental sustainability are essential conditions for a successful rebuilding of the economy. And to achieve this, we need leadership, quality policy, and positioning companies at the forefront of this transition. Faced with these new challenges, this year the Cercle d’Economia Meeting is resuming the debate on the coast of Barcelona, with proposals to reconstruct the new productive model, the social economy, politics and business purpose.