The family business: Past, present… And future?

Cercle d'Economia
Next tuesday 30th of January at 19.00h we organise, with motif of the 25th anniversary of the Catalan Association of the Familiar Company (ASCEF), the third session of “The familiar company: Past, present,... And future?”, where we will accost the trajectory of two singled out familiar companies: his origins, how have accosted the generational transition and how view his future at some surroundings convuls and capsizing how the ongoing.

We will listen the witness of two successful cases, of very distinct sectors but with the common link of having incorporated at his organs of governance the members of the new familiar generations. We have requested them to explain us the principal errors of this process, and also how affront today the aim to give continuity at the business project.

Xavier Puig, president of the Council of Family Puig and of the Foundation Puig and Miquel Martí, president and Adviser Devolved of Moventia, accompanied of Xavier Cambra, former general secretary of the Cercle and president of Transmmission, that will moderate the session, will contribute us with his personal vision.

José Ballester, territorial director of BBVA Catalonia, and Jaume Alsina, president of the ASCEF, will also participate in the event.

After the event we will offer some cava.

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